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We all need to understand that the world is changing and so is digital platforms. So, if you want to keep up with the pace you need to adapt to these changes. One of the most affected sector is social media especially facebook ads.

No doubt you are left confused. Sometimes you just don’t know where to begin your own Facebook ads. You can learn social media marketing in Karnal and master all these skills. It will definitely help you take your career to the next level or enhance your brand image.

If you think you are already a pro at image designing and want to try want bidding for google ads do read our blog about Google’s ads bidding strategies.

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You need not worry anymore as we have listed some important characteristics of Facebook Ads.

1. Simple and Clear Representation of the Marketing Message

One thing is apparent that almost every successful Facebook ads are its message. The offers and messages are the most important part of your ad. The things like how well it is designed plays the secondary role, it alone can’t get you clicks.

The image is just only one of the elements of Facebook ads. You need to make sure that it fits with the rest of the ad especially with message or tag line as well.

You need to be careful that the message of the ad is consistent with the landing page. In simple words, all you need to look at is that the message and the imagery should resemble that of the landing page as well.

2. Choose Complementary/Contrasting Colors That Stand Out

Mind it people are not visiting Facebook to browse the ads. So you need to make sure that your ad stands out and has relevant content which can grab their attention. One trick that has helped us to run many successful ads is by choosing the right colors. We keep in mind to choose the colors that are less likely to blend in with the rest of the newsfeed on facebook.

But it is not as simple as it seems because somehow you need to create consistency, especially for digital marketer. In case you have not already fixed a color palette for your business you can go to the site like as it might assist you in doing so.

3. Use Relevant, High-Quality Images

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Seriously man you just afford an image Blunder. Moreover, there is no option of choosing an image of low-quality. It is not as difficult as it seems you can always find tools to find HD quality photos and illustrations.

One point to note is that you don’t end in any copyright entrenchment issue. The rule for the thumb here can be to look out for images that are free and require no attribution.

4. Go Easy on the Text

No one suggests you include tons of textual elements in your image. Yeah, that’s how it works you should use a minimal amount of textual information that includes your offer or the call to action button.

That’s all you need to be bothered about while creating Facebook ads. The rest depends on your creativity and sense of providing relevant information to convince the audiences.


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