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With the rapid growth of digitalization the competition in the market is also increasing at a rapid speed. As the completion is getting tougher e-commerce sites are always looking for ways to promote and find new efficient ways to attract users. They have left no stone untouched and are constantly hooked to find in ways to promote themselves on social media channels.

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All this had lead social media to go through tremendous changes and marvelous transformation from just being a platform to become a sole entity in itself. Everyone is trying to promote themselves digital via ads and email marketing. So what you can do to set yourself apart from the rest in the market?

You need to be sure that every step you take helps you climbing the ladder of success rather than just pushing you back down. The best work is done under guidance so grab the opportunity to learn digital marketing in karnal from the real experts at Future Genuis.

Here are few things that you should keep in mind while promoting you e-commerce site.


It can really turn out to be a horrible decision for any e-commerce site. You should never indulge in getting large some of fake likes. This not only reflects badly on the brand but also entrap you into falling apart. As the users might find out that you are implementing fake likes they might just loose trust in your brand and products.

Realiy check:- Y the more activity you have on your profile the more exposure you will get. So, you should keep in mind to keep your users engage with the good stuff.

What do we suggest? Stay away from fake likes and followers as they are not worth it, especially in the long run.

Instead you should focus on building strong communication via keeping a regular check on these essential points.

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  • Interaction of a fan with your post
  • A reaction of other people to your post
  • Interaction of a fan with your previous posts
  • Complaints about your post/page


The mantra to stick it through the social profile is by posting consistently with high-quality content. For example while dealing with an e-commerce website you could easily tap on the display images and products. You should not forget to share the user-generated content and guide them through the benefits and its usage instructions.

You can also plugin with your Instagram profile and have access to your site and involve your followers to share their photos and you can also feature them using the product.

Learning something new is always interesting and engaging. Along with that if you get a chance to build the ravishing career by simply enrolling in digital marketing courses in Karnal. So go ahead and enroll today and to discover the all new tactics of enhancing business.


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