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Have you ever given it a thought to earn money from twitter? Have you ever questioned this? And if yes you are getting on the right track. We are going to enlist various ways that might help you.

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Twitter has become widely famous and more users are signing up every day. The platform is quite famous for celebrity tweets that cover all sort of streams like movies, politics, sports and much more. This makes it seem that it is for famous people only but that not what it looks like.

We understand that social media currently trending and its most vividly used among present world. But still you still need to learn social media marketing to accomplice your goals of perfect marketing.

The platform is all about the recent updates and gets to know about what is the latest trend in the world. But the question here is can you make real money using twitter?


You should start by making it as a platform to promote your ongoing product or services. We understand that paid medium is far more effective but if you are able to achieve a great following you can manage some to hit some targets via twitter.

This also helps you gain organic traffic which means sure shot results. Twitter is a much more creative and enticing way to posts tweets and makes people aware of your presence.


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Yes like every other social media channel twitter also offer paid promotions. The best part about these sponsored tweets is you can set the features and decide own pricing per clicks for all the sponsored tweets.

Obviously, there are some requirements and pointers to consider before using sponsored tweets service. Some of them are; the twitter handle need to be 2 months old before signing up for sponsored tweets, should have around 50 followers and definitely contain 100 tweets in a bag. Once you set up all these qualifications you can set out for promotions via sponsored tweets.

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There are numerous ad platforms where you can register to be a promoter. The example of one such platform is Mylikes. You can make use of this on your blogs, twitter handles, YouTube channel and what not.

At mylikes, the advertisers have started to register with their products or services, so select the one which resembles with your interest and you can even schedule the time of the tweets of advertising of your account.

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Get the chance to receive the payment on weekly basis format and you might  have good luck and even earn up to $0.42 per every click done from the tweet isn’t it really amazing and astonishing.

You can even receive the payment on a weekly basis and one can earn up to $0.42 per every click done from the tweet. Isn’t it a great way to make money!


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