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Lead Generation

There are numerous ways to optimize your Facebook Ads to get the lead generation. You need to follow certain tactics to be mindful of moving in the right direction.

The best way to be aware is getting started to learn social media marketing and you can even lead the way to others once you are done.

This article will tell you the basics that you should follow to get the maximum output of your Ads.

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Make sure you go through the checklist before moving forward to the other level.

  1. Make sure that you include a practically cheerful face or just a normal smiley would do the job to attract the users.
  2. You should avoid the use of complex images and make use of relevant pictures that are adamant to facebook users.
  3. You should always attach your logo to make special presence for your brand.
  4. Try out some common phrases or set the tagline for your business which conveys your message properly.
  5. You should keep your headlines eye-catching and be able to communicate the true value.

Lead-Generating Landing Page

You should create a landing page for your ads to divert the traffic to your page. The two primary ways of generating leads is through

  1. Contests- They are the absolute favorite of Facebook users and definitely help you capture the leads. It is best way out for converting more sales to target the right audiences. You need to optimize this intelligently to offer the right kind of prize.
  2. Email-gated content- you should present the content that automatically lead to the email-gated content. It can be anything ranging from e-book, a white paper or how to do guide. The content need to influence a person’s or business revenue.


You can find through the click rates that which audiences seem to miss out your ads and exactly who is being diverted. Is there any significance between these two? Firstly you need to identify your ads by knowing on which audiences it seem to focus and who are more influenced by it.

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What exactly we mean by this? You can also share demographics, shared interests, and various shared categories. This will also click the picture in your old clients and they will remember your work and might spread the word of mouth.

You can also target the audience based on precise and broad category interest. It works by segmenting Facebook users based on their stated interests likes, and changes on their timeline. Focus on diverting traffic to optimized landing pages this will help you convert at least 20 % of your leads into 10 leads per day.

Marketing is much more than it seems the world is moving faster so should you? The always changing world is on its way to get along, join digital marketing classes in Karnal and live your dreams.

Once you know how to create a target oriented content you can even start earning. Visit our blog ideas about how to earn money from twitter.


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